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 THE RULEBOOK, mandatory read!
 Posted: Nov 27 2015, 10:44 AM
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#1. please register in CAPITAL LETTERS. (also, please make sure to register last name first! ex: LEE TAE MIN. if the character has a western name register it first name first! ex: JESSICA JUNG.) please do not post anywhere until your character is accepted (unless you're posting within a request topic) and please remember to do all of the mandatory claims as soon as you've been accepted!

#2. the dimensions for the avatar and mini profile graphics are as follows: the main avatar is 250x400 while the gifs in the mini profile hover are 100 x 100 though any square image will work / it will resize. there is also a gif located within the profile that is 160 x 160.

#3. there is no character limit, but please take on the amount of characters you can handle. it's no fun to hog face claims and not keep them active.

#4. accounts that are not posted with for fourteen days will be marked as inactive and their face claim will be up for grabs. ( but please speak to an admin before claiming a taken face ). you may have the accounts reinstated but, until then, the face claim is fair game to anyone that may want it. logging into your account does not count as activity one post a week is good enough, we just want to keep everyone as active as possible. an absent thread or speaking with the admins is a good way to keep your characters safe if you'll be gone for more han a few days, just keep us posted!

#5. can't blind me is a matured themed real life apartment based roleplay so the board is rated m for mature content. cbm is a lighthearted board for the most part so please refrain from using murder, extreme violence and rape in your threads. (it's alright to have your character have a dark past but there's limits to everything and we'll keep an eye on this.)

#6. face claims under the age of sixteen are not allowed. keep in mind that we have a - 4 / + 4 rule implication here, which basically whittles down to: your face claim must be within four years of their actual age. we're going to more strict with this rule for face claims that are sixteen or seventeen. we also request that you not us the faces of actors/singers/etc that are deceased.

#7. we want our board to be coding independent (minus the skin but that'll change soon). so we have provided codes for just about everything under the sun and if there's something you need, just let an admin know and we'll whip something up for you. you are however allowed to use your own codes if you like and nothing you make will be used without your permission.

#8. if you find yourself with a problem relating to the board, another member that is registered on here, etc. please try to sort it out yourself first. if this does not work you may notify one of the admins and we'll be more than happy to try and help you out in any way that we can. we want this to be a fun, drama free environment for all of you! unless the drama is, of course, in character.

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